Today I woke up at 9 am even though I set up the alarm for an hour earlier because I didn't want to be late on my first day on the farm, but I was sleeping so well that I didn't hear it. I got dressed very quickly and rushed downstairs to the kitchen where Luiz, Rebecca and Mehdi (the other volunteers) were already having breakfast. I grabbed some juice, oats and yogurt from the pantry and joined them.

I started the day with Rebecca, that showed me her usual morning routine. We took the organic waste from the bowl in the kitchen to feed it to the ducks along with their typical dry food. We also brought a bucket of that to the chickens on the other side of the barn. As we lifted the roof of their tiny wooden house, we found out that there was one chicken missing - probably eaten by a fox during the night. We brought the eggs back to the kitchen and filled the water buckets to clean the ducks' little swimming pool. Once we finished with that, we left the buckets filled with clean water outside for the dogs to drink and we refilled their eating plates.

Once the animals were taken care of, we went inside, made some tea and took a small break. Then we carried on with Rebecca's project of creating up-to-date blueprints of the farm buildings. After taking measures of the rooms on the ground floor of the main building, we decided to cook lunch for everyone. We used the eggs we picked in the morning to make scrambled eggs with onions and mushrooms, sauerkraut, risotto leftovers from yesterday's dinner and homemade wholewheat bread that Aimee and Luiz prepared during the previous week. We gathered everyone and enjoyed our lunch together. With our stomachs full, we went upstairs to measure the rooms that were left and we finished the work for the day.

As I was going downstairs, I saw Mehdi coming in through the main door and he told me that he had just given a try to the compost toilet. I decided to do the same, so I put on my boots, crossed the Mandala garden and climbed up the wooden stairs. It's not the first time I use a compost toilet, but this particular one felt like a throne inside of a tower that gives you a privileged view over the garden and at the same time makes you feel a bit exposed when the wind is blowing over the blankets that cover the sides. Franz says it's a good spot to smoke a cigarette or maybe read a book in the summer, but I don't think I'll be doing that any time soon...

When I came back to the main building, Mehdi was ready to go for a bike ride to Heiligengrabe, so I decided to join him. We went to the bicycle shed to pick a couple of bikes and started riding on a small road surrounded by fields and thin trees. As soon as we entered the first small village, barely a couple of kilometers away, some scattered raindrops started to fall and we decided to head back to the farm, leaving our little adventure for a sunnier day.

We entered the backyard and found Franz and Aimee showing the farm to a family that came for a visit. Later on, Aimee told us that they belong to a group of people from the region that are planning to reopen a local organic shop that sells regional products, and they were curious to know what is going on in Kuckucksmühle. They also brought some tasty homemade cinnamon cookies - it seems that Gert was the one who enjoyed them the most!

After a day full of activity, I went to the cats' room (better known as 'the hackerspace') and chilled in one of the sofas while reading a book and watching the cats play. A while later, Aimee called us into the kitchen as the dinner was ready. She had cooked her special pumpkin soup with the pumpkins they harvested last season, and it was delicious! After cleaning up the table we started to play a board game that, after a while, seemed to never end. By 10.30 pm Rebecca won the game and we were all happy because that meant that we could eventually go to sleep.