Thanks to the generous community from I am able to attend the CCCamp. When the first donation came in I must admit I was surprised but grateful, as donations continued to come in I started to actually believe that it would be possible to achieve the goal. Now that the crowdfunding round is successful and the ticket has been paid, I am very happy to be making preparations for the camp.

I am happy to get out there and not merely attend an event but to be an active part of this community. When I attended the hackerspaces meeting at CCC in December 2018 in Leipzig I never would have thought that I would have talked myself into carrying out an online review of the list of active hackerspaces and yet here I am months later in the middle of it and being rewarded for my work by this wonderful close knit community. I am truly thankful for this show of gratitude and happy to continue with my volunteering work.

Thank you!

Picture By Clemens Wronski - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0