It has taken me a little longer to get started but here I am now hoping to get a lot squeezed into a couple of hours.

Volunteers finished the seed stock take.

So my starting point was in the March seed packet... and then out in the garden for observation.

I walked around the garden and noted what is already coming back from last year, this is an important part of the survey especially so that I can take those plants into account before I start choosing which additional plants should be added in the beds. I can also choose to transplant those plants if the bed should be used differently eg for crop rotation purposes.

Onto the wiki...

Today I managed:

  • finished the herb garden plan - still to add planting dates on garden calendar
  • review of current beds in the mandala garden and updated the plan sheet
  • made a planting plan for the greenhouse in the yard that we can start implenting in the next weeks
  • started the planting plan for the meditation garden greenhouse
  • decided to create new gooseberry bushes from cuttings as the gooseberry bush is growing in the path this is also helping to cut the plant back a little
  • made a plan for the square bed in the yard
  • ...

I still have a lot to do though...until next time :-)