In the last month I had been thinking quite a lot about starting the garden planning but it wasn't until I wrote the previous blog post that I really started to do much about it.
Partly because I feel that this is better done in a group however I recognise that I am lacking in people around me who are interested in this topic even if we do rely on the food that the garden produces and partly because it is a time consuming task that is a real challenge for me still. Powerplant hasn't saved me yet!

The need for a network to work with and the dream to be able to pass on these skills to others led me to send out an open invitation to anyone interested to learn to join me in the journey, so if you are reading this thank you for participating even if indirectly. If you have feedback or questions about this process feel free to ping me an email.

Step 1: Dreaming

Using the dragon dreaming method I allowed myself to dream a little and just went through the seed catalogue from bingenheimer saatgut and marked all the nice things that made me feel hungry or just attracted to the beautiful flowers.

Step 2: Planning

Survey - Stock taking

I need to take stock of the seeds I have saved, people donated, leftovers from last year etc.

As I look at the box of seeds I feel a little overwhelmed... this is not at all well organised I have to dig hard within me to fnd the motivation to start. I decided that this session will only be an hour long so that I also have time to document it and therefore since my time is limited, I have some sense of urgency that gets me going.


I created a wiki page where the seed stock now lives. I start by looking at the jars first, they seem less intimidating that the hundred plastic and little paper bags.

Started with a few entries but it gives me the structure to get a lot more done in the next session.

If you want to join in you can check out the calendar.

Note to self: I will organise the seed box as I go along

disclaimer - In case you are wondering, Bingenheimer Saatgut do not pay me anything for mentioning them in this post, I just like the collaborative setup, the organic and demeter seeds and the seed saving methods they use.