At the wonderful 35c3 late last year apart from taking care of the Eco Hacker Farm assembly with it's hackathon and self-organized talk (a story for another day...) I managed to escape and attend the meeting. I had signed up Kuckucksmühle on this platform and thought it would be nice to give something back.

35c3 is a conference for people who are into programming or just have great ideas on how technology could improve the world you should definitely check it out

The main topic was how to improve the website, with the aim for it to be kept relevant and draw in users to maintain it. After all this is one of the few places on the internet where you are can find a directory of awesome spaces who welcome people to hack the planet. is a user maintained list of active and planned hackerspaces around the world

After some discussion it was evident, at least to me that there needed to be some coordination in the effort to review the content seeing as the group's feeling was that there are quite a few listings that are obsolete and no longer in existence which in turn makes the directory less reliable and therefore less useful. By the end of the meeting I decided to help, after all I may not be a great programmer (yet ;-) but I am quite good at getting on with the job and organising people who want to collaborate.

2 kinds of review

The group decided for 2 kinds of review, the first was an online sweep for places listed as active but were no longer in existence - evidence from dead links and no activity on their site. Where unsure we would contact the spaces and ask them to confirm / update their listing status. The second review was the live visit from users to encourange pariticpation of the spaces in updating their listings.

The online sweep started with a review of the hackerspaces listed in Germany... I do have to attend to the bread baking however so will continue on this next time.