Reviewing content can be tedious work if it wasn't for the interesting content that presents itself during the process. There are plenty of awesome hackerspaces to write about however I wanted to start with some facts and figures.

1428 - active hackerspaces around the world

180 / 12.6% - total listings reviewed

10 - status changed updated to closed

25 - need contacting

85 / 6% - hackerspaces in Germany

The reviewed listings are from countries from A to C and Germany... I started with Germany thinking that it would be the country when more active hackerspaces would be, at the moment I am proven right. Every week there will be more results published.

The hackerspaces community active on #hackersapces on freenode is totally awesome, for every update I send out I get back emails and messages full of appreciation for my work. Thank you all for your good vibes and encouragement!

If you would like to volunteer you can sign up and join the team :-). In cased you missed it you can read about how the journey started.

I look forward to telling you all about the unique and wonderful hackerspaces out there.