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I would like to go to CCC Camp...

Dear Friends,

I would love to go to C3 Camp this year but have no money to pay for the ticket - €295. This is because most of the work I do is pro bono/unpaid and so my annual income for last year was €5,513. I don't expect any improvements on this figure again this year.

I applied for a Friends ticket from the organisers and this is an excerpt of the reply I got:

Unfortunately, our own financial situation is not looking great either at the moment... For Congress, there is a lot more Supporter and Business-Tickets, that offset Friends-Tickets. For camp, it's a lot more difficult - especially since the discounts we have to grant are also a lot steeper... So while I do sympathise with your situation, I'd like to ask you to consider, how much of the ticket-price you would be able to gather and afford - even it is just a tiny little bit.

So here I am to find out how much I can gather.

For anyone who knows me it will not come as a surprise that I want to go to camp to set up an Eco Hacker Farm pavillion with seating spaces, breakfast area and talks and events to promote open source projects as usual. I hope that I can get there :-).

If you want to see more of my pro bono work you can look here.

I would be very happy if you would like to support me.

Aimee Fenech

Aimee Fenech

Lifelong student, occasional nomad, eternal dreamer and writer, permaculture enthusiast, an escaped financial services professional aspiring to a long, healthy and happy life.

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