Dear Friends,

I would love to go to C3 Camp this year but have no money to pay for the ticket - €295. This is because most of the work I do is pro bono/unpaid and so my annual income for last year was €5,513. I don't expect any improvements on this figure again this year.

I applied for a Friends ticket from the organisers and this is an excerpt of the reply I got:

Unfortunately, our own financial situation is not looking great either at the moment... For Congress, there is a lot more Supporter and Business-Tickets, that offset Friends-Tickets. For camp, it's a lot more difficult - especially since the discounts we have to grant are also a lot steeper... So while I do sympathise with your situation, I'd like to ask you to consider, how much of the ticket-price you would be able to gather and afford - even it is just a tiny little bit.

So here I am to find out how much I can gather.

For anyone who knows me it will not come as a surprise that I want to go to camp to set up an Eco Hacker Farm pavillion with seating spaces, breakfast area and talks and events to promote open source projects as usual. I hope that I can get there :-).

If you want to see more of my pro bono work you can look here.

I would be very happy if you would like to support me.