Happy new year one and all!

Our trip to Leipzig for 35c3 was very successful and we were very happy to talk to everyone who dropped by our assembly and attended our self organised talk, hackathon and the #seedexchangestation which was very popular. Work on the chicken coop door went on at the conference and we identified some improvements that need doing. More fodder for the next IT meetup

We also have a great meeting with Liam from Astralship and also Nick and Doug from Kanthaus. Together we started a mailing list for projects that have permanent residents where we discuss common challenges and find ways to help each other out.

Special thanks go to: Petteri, Ben, Pille, Robert, Martin, Erin, Anton, 2nd Anton, Niko, Filip, Wald Wesen, Toni Takitani, David and Tanya from theglobalhobos and many others without which help we would not have been able to make this happen.


The heating pipe to go around the outside walls in the dorm is on it's way, the wall is being prepped and the installation should be happening shortly. After the pipe, the wall will need repainting.

From the garden

Brussel sprouts are still being harvested and growing nicely in the garden.
Garden planning will start at the next weekend deceleration.

Infrastructure improvements

Work on the fileserver is almost complete. It is now more resilient and orderly. Documentation to follow.


We also made a lot of new connections and updated our outreach page.

Kuckucksmühle eV

After working on few drafts of the memorandum of association last year we will be making another appointment with the tax office in order to find out whether they would agree to award us non-profit status. If you wish to know more about this just click on the title.

Visiting and Volunteering

We are happy if you want to come and help with the upkeep of the house, mainly cleaning, chopping wood and renovation work. Volunteering spaces are available, so let us know your dates and we can check our calendar.


Below you'll find a run down of all the events happening online and onsite at the mill during January, February and March for your calendars.

We welcome suggestions on how to improve the events or even suggestions for topics for the events we have already listed below.

Onsite at Kuckucksmühle:

Important: In order for us to plan sleeping spaces, food etc. please book your space by email



1st to 3rd - IT meetup
8th to 10th - Weekend Deceleration
12th 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp
26th 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp


1st to 3rd - IT meetup
8th to 10th - Weekend Deceleration
12th 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp
26th 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp


Organise your own event
We are also open to offering the space to other like minded groups or individuals to organise their own events so if you want to explore this further contact us.

Thank you for all your donations
We have received many gifts of warm clothes, shoes, money for equipment, seeds, storage boxes etc.

Much love
Aimee xx