We had quite a mixed bag of ongoings in April as you can see below...


Unfortunately the heating oven sprung a leak. It is broken, Dietmar and Karsten both tried to weld it back together but found that it is not possible to repair it.

It will cost around €10,000 to replace the heating oven.

We would like to help the property cover this cost as there would be no project here if we do not manage to heat the building in the winter.

Luckily we are somewhat at the end of the heating season and this gives us some time to try and find the cash as we need to replace it as soon as possible.

Please donate as much as you can: by paypal, cash or bank transfer.

Volunteers & visitors

We welcomed Gustavo, Oscar, Samu, Scott & Lucas, and said goodbye to Gustavo, Oscar, Samu, Beatrice & Lucas. We were also happy to have Maria, Mattis, Gabor and Stini for a visit.

In the garden and around the place

Near the swing

Franz and me hung up the hammocks and set up the outdoor office cables. The good weather brought us out of the hackerspace and into the forest.

On the zweistromland

Gustavo, Lucas, Maria, Scott, Franz, Gabor, Stini and me worked on different projects including turning a fallen tree into a bridge, clearing the path, building a new tree dome, cleaning up the old dome, replanting trees, planting flowers, clearing the location where the compost toilet will be moved in to and making a new bench.


In general with everyone's help we started to turn the place into a nicer place to hang out in and also provide an alternative route to the shower. Moomoo was also great help to get the wood out of the stream.


We couldn't have done it without everyone's help. Thank you <3

We even got to have a nice picnic under the new treedome for easter. Thank you Maria, Stini and Gabor for making the lovely food.


In the mandala garden

I planted beans, thyme, blackroot, cauliflower, onions, peas, spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, radish and winterkresse and flowers.

Thanks to Scott's help we also set up the irrigation system and the garden is ready for the watering season.

In the herb garden

Maria planted Nasturtium, chives, spring onions and lemongrass.

In the greenhouse

The plants are doing well and the strawberries are already flowering. Behind the greenhouse I have also many jars with attempts to start rooting cherry trees, it is only an experiment. Franz put in some willow and this is rooting very quickly so we'll have new trees to plant soon.

Indoor plants

The tomatoes, peppers and artichokes in the bathroom look exceptionally well and will be ready for transplanting very soon.

Tech & Prototypes

the temperature sensor

In the greenhouse the current sensor is still not as useful as I want it. Unfortunately the current sensor only transmits a radio signal, so perhaps not fit for purpose.

Scott worked on a different sensor that can transmit the data using wifi. If you want to help me please let me know, I would be grateful.

automated irrigation system

Are you interested in working on automation of the irrigation system? Great, you can get involved and work to improve the irrigation system so that we conserve water and maximise yield.

I expect this will be a dry summer and so this together with other permaculture techniques to preserve the water in the soil will help to reduce the need for water.

Harvesting / Eating

The mangold that survived the winter has come back in force and the plants that I had left to go to seed did their job and we have a lot of tiny mangold plants in the beds. I am very happy that this worked not only it gives us an early crop but it saves money on bought seeds. I am hoping to see more of this self replicating behaviour in our no-till beds.

Kale, kohlrabi and brussel sprouts from last year are also about to seed, I am very excited to see if I can use this replication method on these winter crops.

The flowers in the garden are in full bloom and I have planted also the summer flowers and sunflowers to keep the flower count in the Mandala garden up.

I have started drying lovage and dandelion flowers for tea and soup seasoning in the winter.

Thank you to Maria and Mattis who collected Dandelion flowers for me to make dandelion & cinnamon syrup.


Farm animals

Chickens, ducks, dogs and cats are all good :-D I would like to increase the chicken population in the warmer months, with more people in the house we could do with more eggs.

Needs & Wants

Thinking about spring cleaning? Good :-D because we need tons of stuff :-D

If you have something that you may think is useful but not on our list, ping us an email!

Visiting and Volunteering

We are happy if you want to come and help with the ongoing garden work, upkeep of the house and other projects even if it's only for a weekend. Volunteering let us know your dates and we can check our calendar.


Below you'll find a run down of all the events happening online and onsite at the mill during May, June & July for your calendars.

We welcome suggestions on how to improve the events or even suggestions for topics for the events we have already listed below.

Onsite at Kuckucksmühle:

Important: In order for us to plan sleeping spaces, food etc. please book your space by email.


17th to 19th - Weekend Deceleration
21st 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp


7th to 9th - IT meetup
4th & 18 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp
14th to 16th - Weekend Deceleration


5th to 7th - IT meetup
2nd, 16th & 30th 4pm to 6pm - freeCodeCamp
12th to 14th - Weekend Deceleration


Eco Hacker Farm Monthly Meeting

16th May @8.30pm to 10pm
13th June @8.30pm to 10pm
11th July @8.30pm to 10pm


21st May @4pm to 6pm
4th June @4pm to 6pm
18th June @4pm to 6pm
2nd July @4pm to 6pm
16th July @4pm to 6pm
30th July @4pm to 6pm

Much love
Aimee xx

p.s. funding change

Activism and social change are only possible if I do not have to worry about my basic expenses being covered. Thank you for supporting me! You can make a regular contribution through patreon. Alternatively you can email me directly to talk about this or use my paypal.