The only organic shop around here (in the next 10 to 15km radius) shut down during the summer of last year leaving the town without any organic shopping options. When it was first announced it had crossed my mind that perhaps we (Kuckucksmühle) could perhaps take this over and make this our cooperative effort however I could see from the beginning that this would not be possible, there was just not enough of us to make this work and so I shelved the thought seeing as I was busy with other priorities at that point.

After reconnecting with some good people at the Energie Dezent eV meeting I got tempted into the idea again when one good friend said she would be interested in funding the creation of an eshop for the Heiligengrabe Kloster who have also space for a shop.

Now of course to complicate matters the shop that closed was in Wittstock and the one she wants to fund is in Heiligengrabe, nevertheless the conversation led me to a point where I decided to ask in the local foodsharing group whether there were enough people interested to reopen a shop for the region. is an volunteer maintained online platform to organise groups of foodsavers/volunteers to pick up and distribute food that would otherwise be thrown away

I was in luck, a group had already been formed and is planning to bring back the organic shop in Wittstock and so I dove straight into it to find out if I can help. Firstly I wanted to establish whether there are enough customers to make the shop sustainable and secondly to help start this and hopefully maintain it. My web development skills are in demand as is my experience in finance.

It is early days but hopefully this effort will lead to the return of the organic shop in the area. Can't wait to deliver more news on this soon!