Podha sadly passed away on the 24th of January, he had been sick for a while, on pain killers, in the end his leg was very swollen and not responding the treatment. The vet suspected cancer.

In his last few weeks he was living in the kitchen, we enjoyed his company and even though he could not get up by himself he was mostly in good spirits.

On the morning of his passing he was in a good mood and we took him out with Black and Moomoo for a last walk in the field.

When the vet arrived to put him to sleep he gingerly walked up to her for a cuddle. His passing was very peaceful, he simply fell asleep in our arms. We laid him to rest peacefully in the garden where we also planted some berry bushes.

It has not been easy to write this with a lump in my throat and tears streaming down my face, I keep expecting to hear his full big dog bark as I park the car and his smiling face peeking at me from the gate as I walk past, his white fluffly white tail waggle as I walk towards him. I miss his loud snore on the vorbau and his big cuddly bear nose poking me to keep stroking him.

He was an excellent guard dog, loyal and beautiful companion and is sorely missed. We loved him dearly and miss him everyday.