Dear all,

August is almost here and we are officially baking!

We had big plans for July to complete some big tasks but unfortunately we had a bad run with volunteers canceling and / or leaving on short notice. In any case we still got quite a lot done.

From the garden

We are in harvesting mode, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, kale, kohlrabi, zucchini, chard, potatoes, borage and all herbs. It is truly a pleasure to eat from the harvest. I wish I could say we have enough to avoid the supermarket but we are not there yet and we haven't yet had enough to preserve anything for winter. The large pumpkin patch is full of promise with quite very large pumpkins already visible. We are also receiving donations from Oma in the form of lovely tomato chutney, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

Our farm animals

The chickens are doing well and laying regularly, one of them was laying outside of the coop and we found a hidden nest with about 10 eggs in it, luckily they all passed the floating water test. We were donated money for 2 extra chickens which we hope to get soon.

The ducklings have hatched, 2 died from trampling by the mother duck so we left all the ducklings with the mother hen which seems to be more delicate when taking care of them and 1 seemed to have died due to the heat. It is sad so see little creatures die, we hope we don't have to experience this again. We are keeping the area as cool as we can with cloths over it and watering regularly, they have water and food and a place in the shade but the heat is really incredible. The rest seem to be doing well, they like splashing about in the water, we hope the heat relents.

In this heat we lost 3 of 5 rabbits this month, I skinned 2 of them and am practicing with making rabbit pelt. Skinning is a bloodless process and preparing the pelt seems fairly straightforward. I will write a wiki page about doing it without chemicals when I have time. We hope the surviving 2 rabbits do well and they have been moved to a cooler area in the garden. Unfortunately since we didn't know what the rabbits died of we couldn't use the meat, which is a pity.

The dogs are also suffering the heat, Podha in particular we try to alleviate this by taking him to the almost dry creek and making the areas where they sit wet and hosing them down at least once a day. Plenty of fresh water and shade.

The kittens and cat are also doing fine, they are very playful and friendly, adorable cute furballs. They all have homes to go to so in August they will go off to their new families, 2 will stay here Jaguar and Apache.

Young Coders Summer Camp

3 bright young coders (aged 10 to 12) joined us over a period of 10 days, this was our first ever event of this type and I am very happy to report that it was a succes. The young people had fun and so did I. If you would like to read more about the event you can visit the wiki, where the kids and myself documented what topics and activities we covered together. The whole experience left me socially exhausted but also satisfied and inspired by their energy for learning.

The event brought in some Eur850, we spent some of this towards 2x calliope mini-controllers that were used during the camp and the rest is reinvested into the project to lessen the big dent of our finances - covering food bills and other day to day expenses.

This event cost around 300 man hours and we got around @Eur4 per hour after expenses, it is certainly not a profit making endeavor but not everything is about money. We hope to engage the next generation into our Eco Hacker Farm culture.

Room rentals

We had a room rental for a couple of weeks so some income also came from this and was quickly reinvested into food for the community.

EHF Labs: Fünfseen

I haven't been able to make it to the greenhouse in the last month, I promise to go there this week and hopefully not die inside there with heat exhaustion.

Wood in the forest

We managed to squeeze in a couple of days in the wood, chainsawing and lugging wood around but with the high risk of fire the woods have been mostly out of bounds. We need to get an extension from the forester to take the trainer in and get what we chopped out. I am hoping it rains soon.


We were donated a telescope of few months back and we took the opportunity to use it this month to look at the planets and stars around us.

Trash piles

Lots of people around here are cleaning out their houses which is good for us we found a few good multi plugs, bedside lamps, cushions, clothes, a laundry basket, picnic cooler, bedding all in good condition. We also found 2 mattresses and a couple of bed slats. It's like Christmas has come early :-D

We need / want:

  • a functioning chainsaw
  • bedsheets (used are ok but without holes)
  • bed side tables
  • bed side lamps
  • curtain railings (wood)

Click here for the full list.

Upcoming Events & visits

We will keep you posted this month if we need help with harvesting Elderberries (they are not ripe yet), in general we are happy if you want to come and help. There are many jobs left unfinished from the long July list from moving the compost toilet to finish the volunteers room renovation. If the rooms are full we may ask you if you would like to camp or sleep in the attic. As usual it's nice to keep visits to when we have events if you can.


IT Meetup: 3rd to 5th August - please book

freeCodeCamp: 7th & 21st August - 4pm till 6pm - no booking needed

Weekend deceleration: 10th to 12th July - please book

Free Market Sundays: 12th August - 1pm till 4pm - no booking needed

Silent Meditation Retreat: 24th - 26th August


IT Meetup: 7 - 9 September book here

Weekend deceleration: 14 - 16 September book here

freeCodeCamp: 4 & 18 September no booking needed

Volunteering (2 weeks or longer)

We have some volunteering spots open if you are interested or know someone who could be, you can look at our volunteering page for more info.

Much love

Aimee xx