Recently 6 of us decided to go to FOSDEM 2020, 5 of us was going from Berlin and one coming from the UK.

From Berlin we decided to pay for a group ticket which allows 6 people to travel together. You can check out the prices by looking at Gruppen-Sparangebote tickets on the DB website. Even with only 5 on the way there are 4 on the way back we still saved money when compared to individual train prices at the last minute.

The advantage of using this ticket is that you will get a reserved seat and also you get the added bonus of a stop in Köln with just enough time perhaps to see the Dom right outside the train station.

If you want to work on the way you should know that not all trains have wifi and not all train sockets work.

The journey took around 7 hours on the way back and slightly longer on the way there. Trains were comfortable and not too overcrowded.

Train costs

Train tickets cost per person: €54.80 on the way there and €58 on the way back. They would have been cheaper if we managed to russle up 6 people together.

  • bonus for knowing that a lot of CO2 was saved when we chose not to fly there

Food on the way

We also took food with us to eat on the way :-) boiled eggs make a nice journey food if you are looking for ideas... We also took some roasted potatoes but this was not a great idea as the oil was seeing out of the tupperware box. Sandwiches on the way back was a good idea though. This greatly reduced our costs as buying food from train stations is expensive. Having a refillable water bottle will also reduce your costs and reduce your impact on the environment as it saves you from buying single use plastic bottles.

Public transport in Brussels

While in Brussels we mostly walked, took the bus and the electric tram. All were very easy to navigate and there are some interesting tickets depending on how many journeys you plan of doing. The tickets could be used on train and tram interchangeably. The multi journey ticket was quite good value for money.

A single journey ticket was €2.10
24 hours ticket costs €7.50

Are you interested in this topic and have your own story to share.... we would love to hear it

Happy eco-travels!