The ball's rolling @Veintidós

At Veintidós we have done quite a lot of progress events being organised to meet people who are interested in the project. It's also attracted the attention of another project which I'm keen to visit.

We would like to keep the informal community event called Veintidós - dinner on the terrace going at the moment to keep in touch with the people who we are connected with and also attract new people who may be interested.

This week one of my good friends Dyana from Inspired Yogi came to stay and she will be hosting this week's dinner and also a meditation & dreamboard workshop next week. I'm sure we'll also be doing a yoga beach session at some point after scouting the beach this weekend.

Aimee Fenech

Aimee Fenech

Lifelong student, occasional nomad, eternal dreamer and writer, permaculture enthusiast, an escaped financial services professional aspiring to a long, healthy and happy life.

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