The Eco Hacker Farm assembly has become a necessity when attending the congress. It provides an easy meeting place for our extended friends and family network from across the world.

This year our assembly was also the starting and ending point of the organic bin shift since I was coordinating that on behalf of the c3sustainability / c3sus team.

We had our regular tea and food sharing station including the popcorn machine.Thanks to everyone who joined our assembly and helped to answer people's questions about what we do.

Many people came by our assembly to talk about their ideas and have their questions answered, our network grew larger every day.

This year I didn't do any big presentations, I was too exhausted to prepare and hold space for crowds. I felt especially challenged the first couple of days at congress, however I did end up representing c3sus in the infrastructure review and I organised the annual meeting for

I could not do this without the assembly, for me that means a place to sit, a hot drink that I can make myself, our brunch items... places for people to sit (12 seats) with people coming and going this means a place where other people can sit to have a chat about our project or just some where to solder and do some small projects. Being close to other like minded projects will help us not only by providing moral support during the event but also to strengthen our wider network. It is also interesting to hang out and have discussions with other activist organizations and communities.

Hopefully we can join the aboutfuture cluster next year and be able to accomodate our hackerspace seats as well with it's usual tea, foodsharing and popcorn station.