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visiting Kuckucksmühle / designing a compost toilet

Winter in Germany is quite cold but not half as bad as I imagined, perhaps it helps that I'm wearing my snow wear outside and inside is adequately warm.

As I sit at the kitchen table I go through the happenings of the last few days. We had a great event last weekend, friends converged on the mill to make it a lively place. We enjoy shared meals and hanging out together, we went over plans for the compost toilet and made plans to improve the billiard room.

For me it was quite productive with quite a few hours clocked trying to finish the design before I leave back for Spain and here's the first version as a little sneak peak...

Aimee Fenech

Aimee Fenech

Lifelong student, occasional nomad, eternal dreamer and writer, permaculture enthusiast, an escaped financial services professional aspiring to a long, healthy and happy life.

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